Community Partners Page

Khan Academyis a site and an organization that educated many successful people all around the world. They teach all possible subjects, including math which means that they are our competition. But we work with them because there is a lot to gain, both for them and for us, from that cooperation.

EDX Course is one of the partners with which we work closely as they are a prominent figure in the world of online teaching. Their help was essential in setting up a curriculum that adapts to the needs of students. We wouldn’t be what we are if there wasn’t for their cooperation and thus it’s important to us that we mention them.

Community partner page wouldn’t be complete without This site contains almost all relevant math lessons. Students can use it to check whether they learned anything and teachers refresh their knowledge from every visit to this site. We cooperate with them because their data vault has everything our teachers need to provide superior tutoring lessons to our students.

One of our partners we like to talk about is Varsi Tytutors. This organization helps us through the creation of tests and lectures we use in our tutoring. A lot of work they do would require significant investments from us, and we find this cooperation as a better option at the moment.