5 Ways Math Is Essential To Your Child’s Education

1. Managing Money 

As you may already be aware, managing money is critical once one goes into adulthood. As you are bombarded with bills, loans, groceries or other financial responsibilities, learning how money should be managed is highly important. When your child begins to learn math and are presented with certain scenarios, they will learn about what is left over, how much should be added, and how much is taken away. Those concepts apply greatly to the financial world. 

2. Making Healthier Lifestyle Choices 

Being competent in math can help you make healthier lifestyle choices. Being able to identify how many calories are in a meal, knowing how much exercise you need to burn certain foods off and even what your blood pressure is can be crucial. Being healthy is all about the numbers, and a child will eventually grow up to learn how important it is to discern what is healthy and what is not. 

3. Logical/Critical Thinking 

Critical thinking is an invaluable skill that your child will have to carry with them as they grow up. Your child will come across numerous math questions in which they will be presented with certain scenarios and deduce what is a logical outcome. Whether it is discovering how many apples one will have left over if they give some away, or how much change they should expect after a transaction, skills are being developed. They may also come across scenarios where they have to explain how they arrived at their answer. 

4. Math Is Needed At Most Jobs 

Math is what makes the world go around in the workplace. If you are working in the healthcare industry, you’ll have to figure out how much of a drug to use. If you are in accounting, math is incorporated every day. When your child finds a job, he may need to know basic math skills in order to advance. Even if it is a job as a cashier. 

5. Problem-Solving 

Every math question your child will face is called a problem, and it is incumbent upon the child to know how to solve it. The same applies to real life. Just as how your child will need to discover whether or not addition, subtraction, multiplication or division is needed for a problem, proper judgment will be required when they grow.
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